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Our endless summer days, wanna listen to 'HAZI's song?

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Summarized by durumis AI

  • Youth is bright, but its surroundings are like dark glow-in-the-dark. We are over twenty and look happy, but each of us has our own worries.
  • HAZI! music video shows our appearance, struggling to understand the meaning of youth, with staggering steps and repetitive steps.
  • We finally realized that anxiety, despair, love, and shadows are part of life and decided to be honest.

#haji #haji!


Youth is said to be bright, but it is not always so. It shines, but its surroundings are like something that glows in the dark.
Those of us who are past twenty may look happy from the outside, but like everyone else, we all carry our own worries.

What is youth, as adults say? The youth they experienced is a nostalgic blue, but the situation at hand is closer to a dark black than blue.

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  • Music video

haji! Lyrics

Staggering steps
Seem to be going in circles

Heading somewhere else, somewhere I don't know

The last valley is already far away
The parched land, what's left here is

We may never know the meaning of youth. Youth is something we discover only when we look back on the years that have passed. Our hot summer will eventually cool down, and we will yearn for the warm sunshine on the cold ground.

I have finally decided to be honest. To me, anxiety is like a friend who sleeps next to me, despair knocks on the door holding the hand of hope, love seeps in suddenly, and shadows always exist under the blazing sunshine.

Streaming sites

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  • Genie


Composed by Park Hajin, Lee Jaeyong
Arranged by haji

Produced by Hongki

Vocal Park Hajin
Guitar, Synth Lee Jaeyong
Bass Ha Junho
Drum Lee Seunghyun

Album artwork Park Hajin
Guitar directed by Donghyun, Kim Kkukkkuk
Bass directed by Kim Kkukkkuk
Vocal directed by Jay Marie

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